Fostex TH600 - Nice Cans!

I received my first shipment of Fostex TH600's this week after selling out of TH900's and being unable to get more for a while because of a shortage of lacquered wood earcups. If there is a difference between the two cans, it's awfully subtle. The TH600's are world-class. I spent some time comparing the Audeze LCD-2, Beyerdynamic T1, and the TH600. I'm about equally enamored of the T1 and TH600, with the LCD-2 falling behind because of its imaging characteristics. The TH600 has the warmth and dynamism that some people feel the T1 lacks (the T1's are my go-to cans because they have no real flaws, and I listen to lots of different kinds of music at each sitting). The TH600 kick the tar out of older classical recordings, giving you a you-are-there feeling. Honestly, it seems like Fostex has slotted the TH600 lower in price owing to cosmetics more than anything else.