Update on Westone 4: 2d replacement DOA

Got my second pair of replacement IEM Westone 4's this week (3d pair overall). Out of the box, they don't work.

Westone 4 problems

I love my Westone 4's with separate custom earplugs, but dang it, I can't keep the things running. My first pair died about 11 months into the 12-month warranty period -- one of the drivers on one channel went out. Westone replaced them. The second pair lasted about 2 months -- the entire right channel died.

These IEM's aren't cheap, and I wouldn't expect $400 IEM's to have these sorts of problems. Even if they get replaced, it's a pain in the tuckus to mail them out and wait a couple weeks each time (boo-hoo). But I want to use them for travel, too, so now I figure I have to carry my old Etymotics too as a backup. Not hard, of course, but sort of silly.