musical fidelity

Musical Fidelity amp a surprise

The Musical Fidelity M1HPA performed like a champ at the March 2 Head-Fi meet in Austin. I can't figure out why MF doesn't advertise or explain the DAC section -- that's all I used during the show. Since this amp/DAC has two front-panel output jacks, it allows easy comparisons between cans, and it's got good output to drive most cans -- I'm not sure if it will drive the HiFiMan HE-6. The large volume knob permits super-fine adjustment to volume. It's a star product, at the $800 price point and it will form the core of my demo rig over at RK Audiology, the audition location.

Launch date

We're hoping to formally launch Nice Cans of Austin in late January, 2012. We should have some items in stock before then, so feel free to contact us to discuss.