AKG K812: You Are There!

A Review of the New AKG K812 Flagship Headphone

With precious little information available as of this writing about the new AKG flagship headphone, I want to help prospective buyers know what they're in for. Here's my review, admittedly personal, but not intended to trick you into buying something that isn't right for you. As with all reviews, take it with a grain of salt, and come in for an audition to test my veracity.


Nice Cans is now an authorized AKG dealer!

With the introduction of the flagship K812, I've obtained the AKG line. While I've long admired the K701/702 -- and have owned a pair myself for many years -- I cannot compete with local big-box stores that sell those already. In addition, the K701 cannot go head-to-head with models costing 3x as much. I will have the new K812 in stock imminently, and I will post a review on this blog.