I heart BeyerDynamic Tesla T1

Having lived with the Beyerdynamic Tesla TI's for a month, I'm really enthralled with these cans. At the risk of repeating myself, they have 90% of the best that other high-end cans have but with no significant limitations except being a bit challenging for some amps to drive. I just love these things. I find them very neutral and extremely clean and transparent.

Now, if Audeze would get me finalized as a dealer, I could compare the LCD-3!

Holy cr___, the Tesla 1 cans are good

Anyone who keeps up with flagship headphones knows the BeyerDynamic Tesla 1 is always in contention with the Sennheiser 800's, Audeze LCD 2, and other open-back cans. I sought to deal in the line for that reason alone -- that buyers want to hear all the contenders. Having personally used Audeze LCD-2's for some time, which were my first truly high-end cans, I was expecting to hear something either "better" or "worse" when I finally got to hear the contenders. Well, it can't be done. I understand why reviewers go into such detail when trying to sort out which cans they like best. The Tesla 1's are equally as good as the LCD-2, but wow, so different. I'm not going to try to characterize them here (mainly because I've got legal briefs to write), but no reasonable person would say that these various phones are objectively better or worse than one another. I sunk into Poulenc's masses and Arvo Part's Te Deum and Misere and just got lost. Holy cr__p. I am still astounded what modern cans achieve compared to the cans I had as a teenager. The level of technical sophistication and construction is astounding. I could happily live with nothing but a pair of T1's.

Tesla demo units arrived

Getting down to the wire for the March 2 Austin headphone meet, my BeyerDynamic Tesla 1 and T5p demonstrator units arrived today. My stock units are . . . wait for it . . . backordered.

Austin Head-Fi.Org Headphone Meet March 2, 2013

I've reserved a table to show off my stock headphones at the March 2 Austin headphone meet at the Norris Conference Centers, 2525 West Anderson Lane, Suite 365.

I'll be showing the top-tier BeyerDynamics, Sennheisers, and the new Denon AH-D7100. I am hopeful that I'll have both Audeze's on hand, too.

I'll be sharing a table with CablePro, and I will probably have some information and goods on hand from RK Audiology, with whom I partner to provide IEM's. Finally, I hope to be able to show off the Centrance HiFi-M8 portable DAC/amp that is creating a buzz. Centrance may show up to personally demonstrate the product -- it should be awesome. The link to the meet is below. I hope to see you there!

Launch date

We're hoping to formally launch Nice Cans of Austin in late January, 2012. We should have some items in stock before then, so feel free to contact us to discuss.