Austin Head-Fi.Org Headphone Meet March 2, 2013

I've reserved a table to show off my stock headphones at the March 2 Austin headphone meet at the Norris Conference Centers, 2525 West Anderson Lane, Suite 365.

I'll be showing the top-tier BeyerDynamics, Sennheisers, and the new Denon AH-D7100. I am hopeful that I'll have both Audeze's on hand, too.

I'll be sharing a table with CablePro, and I will probably have some information and goods on hand from RK Audiology, with whom I partner to provide IEM's. Finally, I hope to be able to show off the Centrance HiFi-M8 portable DAC/amp that is creating a buzz. Centrance may show up to personally demonstrate the product -- it should be awesome. The link to the meet is below. I hope to see you there!

About the Denon AH-D7000: R.I.P.!

The beloved AH-D7000 closed-back cans have been replaced and are no longer available in the retail pipeline. The replacement is the AH-D7100. The earcups are lighter but still fairly large. The whole "Music Maniac" descriptor for the new headphones mystifies me. I doubt that buyers of headphones in this price category feel very good about trendy marketing labels like that. Nevertheless, if the product is as good as the AH-D7000, can fans with spouses who don't like the leakage from open-back cans should be happy. I'll do my best to let customers hear the product without distractions like marketing hype.
Product info on the new line is here.

Launch date

We're hoping to formally launch Nice Cans of Austin in late January, 2012. We should have some items in stock before then, so feel free to contact us to discuss.